Bear Hands Press

Bear Hands Exclusive in Rock Sound

"According to Bear Hands you Can't Judge how successful you are until you've had a song written about you."

Bear Hands Featured In Full Frontal

"Bear Hands are a cool-as-shit Noo Yawk four-piece who make party starting punk-funk."

Bear Hands Featured in Drummer Magazine

"Bear Hands' TJ Orscher tells us about his guilty pleasures, wrecking cars, and how he got turned onto rock'n'roll by the mighty Bon Jovi."

Bear Hands On Oh My Rockness

"This is a melodic, guitar driven band that sounds perhaps like a less spastic detachment Kit. Anyway, I'm putting these guys on my "band to watch" list. I want to hear and see more, for sure."

Bear Hands Feature in Disorder Magazine

“Masterful, effortless songwriting”