Francis and the Lights Press

Francis and the Lights on MTV Buzzworthy Blog

"The contradiction-loaded result is so distinct that it’s had bloggers...losing it from day one."

Francis and the Lights "LIME" on Kanye Universecity

"LIME" on Kanye West's Universecity Blog!

 Francis & the Lights, "Striking" on FADER TV (Live at the Levi's®/FADER Fort)"

"Supreme excellence in fulfilling the pinnacle of our wildest pop-funk fantasies..."

Francis and the Lights on XLR8R

"Starlite lays down a whole range of vocal styles–from quivering falsetto to growling Tina Turner-esque hooks–to match his corresponding range of expressive dance moves."

The TRIPWIRE posts on Francis and the Lights playing the Cantora Records CMJ showcase

"It might be too early to say he's the white Prince, but what the hell, we'll say it."