Francis and the Lights Press

CMJ reviews Francis and the Lights at the Cantora Records 2008 CMJ Showcase

"But the real star of the show was Francis himself; with a performance that is most easily described as Caleb Followill doing an outstanding early Prince rendition both vocally and physically, this thin young man blew a good many misconceptions out of the water. Some might confuse Francis And The Lights' soulful stage act for shtick, but they are as real as can be. And as Francis used every killer instrumental solo as yet another opportunity to tear the floor up, it became increasingly clear that not only did Francis and The Lights have soul, they were super-bad."

Francis and the Lights on Flavorpill

"Francis and the Lights conjure favorable comparisons to Prince, Peter Gabriel, and David Byrne, as they oscillate between freaky dance grooves and wailing ballads strung together by the frenetic, refreshingly nostalgic vocals (and dance moves) of singer Francis Starlite."

Francis and the Lights on Analog Scene

"It's absolutely beautiful stuff."

Free Williamsburg covers Francis and the Lights

"Given the band's David Byrne theatrics and three percussionists, Francis and the Lights is a band to be experienced live."

Francis and the Lights on Decider NY

"Performing live, the angular, sever figure of Starlite stands in contrast to the slow-burning electro groove of his band. But then the layers of synths build up, the two drummers lock in, and the people start dancing."