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Gordon Voidwell

William Gordon Johnson (1983 – ), well known by his pen name Gordon Voidwell, is a Bronx-born singer, songwriter, musician and fashion writer. He is noted for his mixtape Voided Checks (2009), which has been called "electro-fantastic…hip-hop-esque [and] yacht-rockin."

Voidwell's keen wit, incisive satire and undeniable danceability has earned him praise from critics and peers alike. A friend to presidents, artists, industrialists, and European royalty, Gordon is extensively grooved to, fucked to and listened to on the train.

Inspired by Talking Heads, The Rah Band and Marz, Voidwell's new single Ivy League Circus teems with recession-era energy for those who are bullish on beats and bearish on modesty.

He is NOT from Brooklyn.

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"I love this shit. I play it on my radio show, in my house AND in my sets."

"If there is a Gordon Voidwell performance near you, go see it. Cancel on everyone up to and including God to attend."

"Delivers off your head, funk-fused, unabashed fun... as if Prince took away the remote from TV on the Radio and played monkey in the middle."


Gordon Voidwell "Ivy League Circus" Single canrlp30
Gordon Voidwell
Ivy League Circus
May 18, 2010


Gordon Voidwell "Ivy League Circus"
From "Ivy League Circus" 12"