Savoir Adore Press

Savoir Adore on Brooklyn Vegan

"Definitely one of my bands to watch in 2009."

Spinner Exclusive on Savoir Adore

"One night, I stumbled into a bar on NYC's Lower East Side and instantly became entranced by the five-piece on stage... a group called Savoir Adore."

Savoir Adore on NPR's "Song of the Day"

"Sprightly and uplifting, Savoir Adore's 'Early Bird' offers an optimistic dispatch from the depths of late winter."

Savoir Adore on Free WIlliamsburg

"Savoir Adore blows the roof of of Death By Audio"

"The songs work so well together because of the chemistry between Paul and Deidre. They are having fun and knowing that makes the listening experience all the better."