Emil & Friends joins Cantora with Debut "Downed Economy" EP on August 24th

Emil & Friends joins Cantora with Debut "Downed Economy" EP on August 24th

New York's by-way-of-Boston-native Emil & Friends joins the Cantora roster. We've been keeping this guy a secret, but now the fruit is fully ripe.

Emil & Friends' "Downed Economy" EP debuts next week, on August 24th. It features 7 slammin jams and one of the most radical album covers we've seen in a while that makes you want to pack up and get stoned with the person next to you (thank you Mark Brickman!).

There are a few things we have come to know as fact about Emil & Friends: 1) his cultural IQ is higher than anyone you know, 2) his remix/covers are changing the game, no one will keep up, and 3) his shoe collection rivals Merlin's, and 4) "Downed Economy" EP = Indian Summer

Check out a teaser for the EP below:

Grab the Passion Pit "Sleepyhead" remix by Emil & Friends: http://cl.ly/b62366e506b5b1775871

Somewhere inside the glowing rectangles, Emil found album worthy tinkerings of nylon strings, waterfalls of voices, flutterings of bells whistles and synths. So goes descriptions of danceable weirdpop act Emil & Friends. As a boy Emil would show up to guitar lesson with a produced track on a cd, with no guitar. Heads were scratched. Emil would show up to a dj gig with only a guitar. Brows were lifted. Years passed. Attics were changed into bass drum batcaves...

The solace found in multitrack recording allowed Dr. Young guns to forget about the headaches of premature live shows and concentrate on creating a foundation for a sound to you we now present. Inspired by the hunt for lost relatives, cures for heart conditions, obsessive letter writing, snacks, and hot trax; created from start to finish on his own, his ep and upcoming albums, along with a slew of covers and remixes, will leave the enemy waving white flags, and shall soon be yours for the taking.

Be careful where you bring him as he may just push the principal off of the stage and grab his megaphone and scream "food fight!"