Francis and the Lights Incorporates With $1 Million Valuation

Francis Farewell Starlite, frontman of independent band Francis and the Lights, today announced the incorporation of Francis and the Lights, LLC. The move includes a $100,000 investment from The Normative Music Company, giving the new entity a valuation of precisely one million dollars.

The deal is a milestone for both companies. Jake Lodwick, president of Normative, said the deal resembles an Internet start-up working with a venture capital firm. "Francis Starlite is an uncompromising musician and a strong leader. I believe he will bring Francis and the Lights to international stardom. The spectacular live shows, beautiful recordings, and his relentless character back me up.

"As a fan of his music, I see no alternative. The traditional role of a 'manager' who makes strategic decisions is incompatible with a man whose vision requires absolute control of all artistic and business decisions.

"When we hear the term 'independent music', we should recall its actual, forgotten promise of unmolested artistic integrity. In 2008, such music cannot exist with submission to the whims of a brittle industry, nor with automatic rejection of anything 'corporate'. Artistic freedom requires an awakening, from the artist, that business is good — because music requires it, because life requires music, and because life is good.

"Normative, the dictionary word, refers to how things ought to be — what would be normal in an ideal world. Normative, the company, applies this concept to the music industry. Our basic concern is the vision, which begins as a spark in the musician's mind and must be absolutely realized, irrespective of cost. We believe that art must exist without compromise; if it is compromised, it no longer qualifies as art.

"Risk is inherent in any investment, but Normative is convinced that the future of Francis and the Lights is strong."

On Halloween, Francis and the Lights opened for MGMT in Brooklyn. In a few weeks, they will release a new 7" single, LIME/WYN. Previously, they worked with Normative to launch, featuring a huge single-take music video shot on 35mm film.

From The Normatist.

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